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   "My Mother Rose"...  
  ...Your Local Rose Shoppe and More
                        Servicing Lorain County, Ohio
A floral shoppe with a new outlook, where both adults AND children, can find what their looking for to give to that special someone.
What we'd like to mention is what a lot of people would enjoy but just don't know where to start and that is:  Participating More with the Arranging Itself. You have that opportunity here to select & create what you like from our    wide assortment of vases and baskets !  So...whether it's wildflowers (in season) .. dried flowers...
herbs (upon availability)... or YOUR  plants from your own backyard, we can help with that if that's what you prefer.  We offer you an assortment of flowers to select from, dried and fresh!  We Supply and Offer All the Fine Services of a Floral Shoppe Along with Our Delivery Services.
If you have an outdoor or indoor plant that someone admires and you would like to share a portion of that with someone special (please call in advance), we will arrange for you to add to your favorite design here at "My Mother Rose', and make the choice you'll be satisfied with.
                       Stop by and visit, My Mother Rose, at 
                         919 Main St. Grafton,Ohio 44044
                                   Lorain Co. Ohio                   

                             CELL-   440-371-7824
 We also have a unique department called,"My Little Buds"...
 ...An area for children to come in with parents and     make their own floral design on those special occasions for Mothers' Day, Grandparent's Day,
Teachers or any special occasion!
              ** Everything is provided**    
                        Handmade Soap
Our Handmade Soaps, and other products, contain NO genetically modified oils (GMO). Buy with confidence, you are not supporting the "engineered food industry".

               Essential Oils
     "My Little Buds" Etiquette Classes !!
    Grafton, Ohio 44044  Lorain County
     Call Now For Information On How To Get Started
           Grafton,Ohio Florist

*with purchase of floral arrangement
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